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Mingle Sports: Try A New Path To Play Good Cards For Business Growth

"Life is sometimes like a deck of cards, if you have a good hand and win, it is great, but if you have a bad hand and play well you show how capable you are in adversity. The same applies to Enterprise Management. Management should know how to convert crisis into opportunity. Embarking on a new path when encountering difficulties is the clue to continued growth.” said Chairman Ding Siyuan at the 2009 Order Conference for Autumn and Winter New Product Conference.
Mingle (China) Co. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturing enterprises for domestic sports products.  Products include shoes, clothing, sports equipment and related accessories. MINGLE has always stood for high quality products with guaranteed of workmanship.
In a competitive market facing the World Financial Crisis during 2009,   Chairman Ding Siyuan proposed the "play good card for business" hand and advocated sponsoring sport events for brand marketing and developing team spirit. Chairman Ding Siyuan said that creating a team that wants to work, is able to work and has the skills required is the basis for enterprise development.
Practice internal strength and self-improvement
During the Order Conference for New Products, Marketing Director Guo Hui stated that the company would strengthen its financial management system, and concentrate on outstanding accounts to increase corporate capital He advised that capital is essential and the life blood of a business. He emphasized that during difficult financial times only strongly managed business would survive in such a competitive market. During 2009 MINGLE will focus on supporting the local and regional markets, improve systems and policies and promote advertising of the brand.
When the whole economy market is weak, and the enterprise is facing crisis, it is important to practice internal strength so as to recharge your batteries. Mingle (China) Co., Ltd. saw this point. In the Order Conference for New Products, Marketing Director Guo Hui stated that the company would strengthen the financial management system, and give more implementation efforts on old accounts, so as to return corporate capital. He also said that finance is the source of a business, and also blood of a business. Only by having a smooth corporate financing chain can a business hit a world in this competitive market. Meanwhile, Director Guo also showed that in 2009, Mingle will focus on supporting some of the regional market, improve the props and store decoration, increase advertising and product support, rectify some of the market, and improve the contract system and some other policies.
Stick to the road of sports marketing
"Stand behind China”- the theme of this New Order Conference reflects Mingle’s sports marketing agenda.
Since its strategic partnership with the Chinese Weightlifting Team last year, Mingle has sponsored numerous sport events. "In 2009, our company's brand will be promoted at sporting events." Said Mr. Guo, Marketing Director of the company. During the months of April, May, July, October and November, there will be Weightlifting Championships or Trampoline Championships sponsored by Mingle, which will be broadcast live by CCTV-5.

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