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Mingle Becomes The Biggest Winner In Olympic Marketing

After the most beautiful champion He Wenna visiting Mingle earlier this month, Jinjiang greeted another group of champion players from the Beijing Olympic games. Led by the Coach of Chinese Men’s Weightlifting Team, Chen Wenbin, and the Coach of Women's Team, Ma Wenhui, the 8 gold and 1 silver medal winners of the Chinese Weightlifting Team at the Beijing Olympic Games came to Jinjiang on September 18, together with the Athens Olympic weightlifting gold medal winner Shi Zhiyong and Officials of Fujian Sports Bureau. In the afternoon, a joint press conference was held by MINGLE and the Chinese Weightlifting Team.
Olympic weightlifting champion came to Jinjiang and Mingle
It was revealed that the activity "Olympic Weightlifting Champions Come to the Capital of Chinese Brands," was organized by Jinjiang Municipal People's Government and Mingle (China) Co., Ltd. jointly. Mingle reached an agreement with the Chinese Weightlifting Team as its strategic partner as early as last October. This partnership set a precedent for domestic competition and cooperation on a large scale.
MINGLE will fund equipment for the race and be entitled to exclusive naming rights for all domestic weightlifting competition. The Team came to Jinjian to examine the facilities and equipment and to experience the environment of Jinjiang Stadium. Both MINGLE and the Weightlifing team have the intention of holding the “Mingle Cup – International Weightlifing Invitational Games” at Jinjiang. 
MINGLE Sports selected the Chinese Weightlifting Team for endorsement based on the strength of the team members and the high probability of the team winning gold medals at the Olympics. The team has continually been strong and highly competitive.
Before the Olympics began expectation was that the first medal would be won for China by the Weightlifting Team. Weightlifting has long been a strong point in Fujian sports. Many weightlifting world champions and the Coach of the Men’s Team were born in Fujian Province.
MINGLE sponsors the Weightlifting Team primarily for its association with the sport in Fujian Province. There is a strong fan base and MINGLE aims to contribute to the growth of the sport locally.
Marketing Director, Mr.Guo said that the sponsorship would ensure more competition would be available for local people and the high skill levels of the team members would guarantee spectators good sport. This would also raise the profile of MINGLE and other sporting industries in Jinjiang.



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